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Organic Sprouted Ragi Flour



Benefits of Ragi:

  • Ragi has anti-microbial properties
  • Ragi has anti-cancer potential
  • Ragi keeps you young
  • Ragi reduces ‘bad’ cholestrol
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases


Ragi helps control diabetes

In finger millets, the grain’s seed coat is richer in polyphenols than barley, rice, maize, and wheat. For example, it has 40 times the phenolic content of rice and 5 times that of wheat.


Boil one cup vegetables like spinach, bitter gourd, carrots in one cup water with one teaspoon Ghee, add one cup of the Ragi flour to this broth of vegetables.

It should be more dry than wet. Make a small ball the size about 2 inch diameter and roll it flat like a pan cake.

Put one teaspoon Ghee on the pan and heat the pancake on both sides for about 5 minutes.

Eat with any vegetables or on its own. See the internet for videos for more instructions on how to make Ragi roti.


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